the highland heart of nova scotia

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This community was established for anyone who,is living, has lived, visited, or just has a general intrest in Antigonish and surrounding area. Feel free to post upcoming events, questions/comments, general chat etc(anything with in reason, not offensive).And Enjoy.

Commenting - Be polite in commenting. Do not post with comments turned off. Do not delete or screen other people's comments--this is a bannable offense.

Put long posts behind an tag.- To do this, simply insert "" somewhere into your post, maybe after the first paragraph or so. This creates a link to read the rest of the post without making the post take up so much space in the community or on people's friends pages.see the FAQ's for a how-to.

Spelling and Grammar -Using "b4" for "before" and "u" for "you" and so on is ok in your personal journal, but it shows a lack of respect for your reader and doesn't belong in a community journal. Please, for the sake of those reading the community, try to use standard spelling and grammar in your posts.

Report problems - Please let me know if there are problems. I can't read every post in the community, let alone every comment. If you see a problem, you need to email me and let me know. I can't take action if I don't even know about the situation. PLEASE if you want to let me know about a problem, LINK TO IT. Don't just say "there is bad stuff going down" and make me come search everything trying to find it. A simple "this is what is going on, and here is where it is" would make everything run so much smoother. You can also get ahold of me via email at nursesoffice@livejournal.com

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